Autobiographies that left their mark on history

We are curious by nature, but we also like to learn from those who arrived high, who changed the course of history, who managed to move a multitude of people, who stayed on top or fell; we like to know the lives of those who were applauded for their exploits, laureates or criticized for their cause, those who followed them and follow their footsteps, their films, and cheered their inventions, their discoveries, their advances in the field of medicine. To be able to discover how they got where they did, and above all to meddle (in the good sense of the word) in their personal life, in that intimacy to which only a few had access.

Because these historical characters are, above all, what we all are: people with joys and sorrows, with constant adversities and struggles, with experiences, fears, values, dreams, triumphs, failures, with blood beating in their veins… These characters risked, dared to change the established rules, implanted a new style in their corresponding disciplines, fought for what they believed to be fair, thus making a place for themselves in contemporary History and even in the hearts of several generations.

There are a huge number of autobiographies published and on our website you will find a more complete and extensive list. Today we want to share with you ten of them, 10 autobiographies of 10 characters who left us their legacy in writing. Ten people who invite us to enter their homes, their lives, their history… in History… enjoy them!

“Brief history of my life”

The wonderful mind of Stephen Hawking has dazzled the entire world by revealing the mysteries of the universe. Now, for the first time, the most brilliant cosmologist of our era explores, with a revealing gaze, his own life and intellectual evolution. “A Brief History of My Life” tells Stephen Hawking’s amazing journey from his childhood in post-war London to his years of international fame.

“The long road to freedom”

In this masterpiece we will discover his first steps as a student and intern in Johannesburg, the slow awakening of his political consciousness, the break-up of his first marriage, the painful separation of his children, the twenty-seven years he spent in prison full of events, his freedom and the definitive establishment in South Africa of a multiracial democracy.


Plagued by the anecdotes and teachings of her long life, unfinished by definition, like the world in which she was born, initiated as a letter to her son and continued as a testimony before her fellow citizens, she preserves all the promising value of the fundamental texts of the American tradition.


In this first volume of the memoirs of José María Aznar, President of the Spanish Government between 1996 and 2004, he explains some of his most controversial decisions, without the corset of the politically correct. Readers will get to know the person behind one of Spain’s main political actors in the last century; they will have access to a controversial public figure about whom almost everything has been said and written but who, in these memoirs, shows what remains to be discovered.


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