Electric BBQ Smoking

Electric BBQ smokers are becoming more and more popular. They do a good job of transforming the daily cutting of meat into special dinners, thus giving all the smoky goodness and tenderness of a world-class barbecue pit. They are also surprisingly affordable and extremely easy to use.

Electric BBQ barbecue smoking, however, poses some unique challenges for smokers. One of these is the very basic problem of how to supply electricity to the smoker.

Most of us don’t have a wide range of external AC outlets on our terraces. We can have only one socket available on the external wall of our house. Meanwhile, many BBQ smokers have very short power cords. In some cases it is not possible to connect the smoker to the available socket. In other cases this is possible, but far from comfortable.

This leaves the owner of the smoker two choices. He or she may have trouble installing an additional external outlet or may use an extension cord to power the device. While electricians would undoubtedly like it if every frustrated smoker owner decided to install electrical outlets, for most of us, using an extension cord is probably a more economical decision.

However, smokers may be worried about using an extension cord. Many user manuals from smoker manufacturers strongly advise against using easier solutions.

Their fears are well-founded. An extension cord poses several problems when used with an electric smoker. Initially, there are always problems with the fire hazards associated with the use of the cable. Thinking about the activity that often surrounds the outer pot and the heat that will be near the cable, it is not difficult to imagine a wide range of potential dangers.

In addition, smokers with an electric BBQ grill must draw enough current to heat up and maintain temperature for a longer cooking period. The use of an extension cord may limit the power consumption to such an extent as to prevent optimal functioning of the smoker.

So, if you plan to use an extension cord with a smoker, follow these four recommendations for safety reasons and to get the best cooking results.

First of all, use a highly insulated cable with an external tightness class. This lean cable in a kitchen drawer is not good enough.

Secondly, use an extension cord with heavy cables. Look for one that uses a 12-star cable to provide enough power.

Thirdly, do not use a long cable. Try to position the smoker so that he or she does not need more than ten feet of help.

Fourthly, position the barbecue so as to minimise the risk of others touching or tripping over the hose. Keep the smoker away from pedestrian traffic.

If you follow these recommendations while keeping a close eye on the smoker, you should be able to produce incredible meat while maintaining safety.

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