Foot Reflexology – What Is It and What Are the Health Benefits?

With the growing support of holistic medicine and natural therapy, there is now more than ever a solid basis for supportingĀ foot reflexology San Francisco and treatments in the West. Dangerous drugs and ineffective treatments have prompted disillusioned patients to seek new techniques in nutritional therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, and especially massage therapy. Increasing support and acceptance is prompting talented practitioners of these traditional and pure natural remedies to emerge throughout the country.

One of these ancient procedures to be rediscovered in the West is foot reflexology. Foot reflexology is one of the oldest treatments in traditional Chinese medicine and has been one of the most effective methods of Eastern pain therapy to date. As a form of zone therapy, the principles of reflex zone massage teach that exerting pressure on certain extremities of the body in certain zones causes reflexes or reactions in other areas of the body. The treatment is effective for pain relief, non-invasive and even pleasant when complemented by body massage and aromatherapy.

This is how it works
One of the tenants of traditional Chinese medicine is the idea of Qi. The Qi of a body is the natural flow of energy within a body along channels or meridians. A healthy person has a steady, unimpeded flow of qi that allows the inner balance and systems to function normally. However, the disturbing qi will cause the pain, pains and health problems that eastern medications are so difficult to treat.

Foot reflexology is a form of foot massage that relaxes the flow of qi. Basically, the feet contain a reflective blueprint of the rest of the body. A trained and dosed foot massage releases the Qi at certain organs in the body. Without the use of creams or oils, a foot reflexologist can achieve pain relief and anxiety relief by stimulating certain pressure zones on feet and hands.

For example, the body has natural ways to limit the symptoms of common ailments such as migraine. One of the most common reflex points to achieve this is between the big toe and the second toe. Simply apply pressure to the area between the two toes with your thumb and rub for about a minute. The pain relief should be substantial, without the use of addictive drugs that Western doctors like to prescribe.

Complementary therapies
Another advantage of reflexology is how easily it works with other forms of Eastern pain therapy. The ideas and common themes of Chinese foot massage fit perfectly with the Qi balancing practices of Hot Stone Massage, Acupuncture and Shiatsu Massage. The foot reflexology massage can be seamlessly integrated into a holistic wellness program and is a relaxing place to build a growing appreciation for traditional Chinese medicines.

A visit usually includes detailed health information, relaxing aromatherapy and perhaps even light meditation. Patients are encouraged to wear light, loose-fitting clothing to facilitate their work, and a body massage is performed to loosen them up. Then, as needed, the reflexologist goes to work with hot stone massage and foot massage for full body relaxation and natural pain relief.

You have tried Western methods of pain relief and medicine, why should you continue to use them if they are ineffective? Traditional Chinese medicine has helped billions of people throughout history to relieve pain and improve their well-being. Find out what foot reflexology can do for you by calling today.


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