Moving To New Office

Moving to a new office is rarely an activity that won’t let you relax and smile.

For a typical business owner it can be stressful and cumbersome – even if everything goes well! If you have problems, it can become a virtual nightmare.

So, here are some of the most important tips to help you in office removals and move around the day and those that follow immediately, go a little more smoothly.

Be clear that all utilities are switched to name at the new premises. More importantly, make sure they are connected and ready to go from the moment you move in.

Get an IT expert with the knowledge of comms to check that everything will be fine. Networks and local lines will have to cope with your arrival if you are a large IT user. Download them to also check that there are no problems that need to be solved with your ISP.

Don’t forget to do everything you need to make sure that your removal office company can park your vehicle somewhere convenient for unloading. It sometimes goes wrong and if you can’t unload due to lack of parking opportunities, then you won’t be able to start your business.

If the new premises are located on the upper floors of the building, contact the building management to make sure that the lift is reserved for use during the move. If you can’t get down to it, the move may drag on while the removal team will be waiting for the lift to arrive.

If your employees and colleagues are helping, limit their activities to unpacking and do not allow them to take part in the heavy lifting or moving of boxes between the vehicle and the office. This is because you may have problems with insurance if you injure them while doing this activity.

In situations where you move to a shared building on Saturday, make sure your building is open. This is far from the unknown in the case of vehicle removals, to arrive just to find out that the building has been closed for the weekend.

Successful unloading and unpacking is often a fuel in tea and coffee for everyone! You and your colleagues may be very busy, so consider taking a meal or helper to drink during physical work – and keep cups and other related materials at hand as the first box that will fall out of the vehicle.

Try to “turn off” your business when the move is in progress. It is difficult or impossible to keep an eye on things and help if you try to handle both phone calls and customers’ e-mails at the same time. Inform your customers well in advance and they will be friendly.

Make sure that all your boxes and items “loaded” are numbered and labelled. Ask someone to check them from the vehicle and into your office. This is especially important if your items have been stored or reloaded (moved from one vehicle to another) between pick-up and delivery.

Finally, make sure that the floor plan has been designed in advance and that all your colleagues know exactly where their desk/seat is going. In new rooms where not all this has been segregated beforehand, groggling and free “ground grabbing” can happen. Wellbeing can spread over things like window chairs and views in a second – and that’s the last thing you’ll need anyway in what can be a stressful day anyway!


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